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Recommended Sight Seeing

Paradise Helicopter Tours

We can heartily recommend the "Hawai'i Experience" tour from Paradise Helicopter. This flight leaves from Kona and circles the Big Island in just a couple hours. From the air you can see all that the island has to offer, from beaches to volcanoes, making it a good "start your vacation" tour.

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Manta Night Dive

Offered by Jack's Diving Locker, this is a once in a lifetime dive tour, don't miss it. This tour has two boat dives, both in the same location. In the late afternoon you'll explore the area seeing grass eels, schools of fish, sea turtles and maybe even a manta or two. Then you return to the boat for a bite to eat and watch the sun set. Then you grab your lights and return to the water where you'll find 15 foot mantas circling gracefully all around you as they come to feed on the plankton attracted by the light. It's a truly awe- inspiring experience.

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Greenwell Coffee Farm

One of the things Kona is known best for is their amazing coffee, and this tour is a great way to learn more about it. At the Greenwell Farms tour you'll find out how this coffee is grown, harvested and produced, as well as what makes it some of the best coffee in the world. The free coffee tastings are worth the trip alone, but the brief tour is both entertaining and educational. Keep an eye out and you may see Jackson's chameleons in the trees.

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Local Fun

Nearby Facilities

Kahaluu State Park

This park (also known as "Turtle Beach") is known for its snorkeling where you can swim with turtles and large schools of friendly tropical fish. The park has many amenities including multiple bathrooms and showers for rinsing off after your swim. There are also vendors selling food or renting beach and snorkel gear here.

In addition to all the other fun activities we recommend visiting the following: